Chérie, j’ai réduit notre rencard

Chérie, j’ai réduit notre rencard (french for “Honey, I’ve reduced our date”) it’s a fake trailer created by Télé-Québec show Les gardes des vues. In this trailer, (an obvious parody of Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids trilogy) William, an incompetent inventor and his wife Wendy are reduced. Later they see Ted, the inventor’s assistant, with his date. The inventor and his wife attach themselves to a giant mentos and jump in a cola bottle and the explosion sends them to Ted’s date cleavage. When Ted notice them, he opens his date’s jacket and yells they’re very small, so she responds “it’s the first time someone ever tells me this…” thinking he’s referring to her boobs. When Ted’s yells William and Wendy’s names, his date think he named her boobs. At the end we see a briefly scene with William turned into a giant.

Model: Isabeau Blanche


In 2005 Amena, a mobile network operator in Spain launched Supervillanos (spanish for supervillains) a miniserie about a family of aliens who have to adapt to the earthlings customs because his ship crashed on Earth. In the episode 22, Kira, the daughter of the family, uses her superpowers to shrink a girl for wearing the same dress as her. Then she stomps on her. In the entire series, there is only another GTS moment when Suna, the mother of the family, asks Dolf (the father) to shrink a couple of neighbours, so she can stomps on them in episode 7

Models: Erika Sanz (Kira) and Yolanda Arestegui (Suna)


Surf is the last single of estonian rapper Tommy Cash (stylized as TOMM¥ €A$H). In the music video there are a few GTS scenes (i.e. the opening shot features a condom being put on a building). Like his previous videos, this one is very weird, but the GTS scenes are very good. FrostFX are the visual effects studio behind them. Some years ago contributed with a weird battle between two giants (one of them dressed as a woman) for the estonian TV short Tujurikkuja

Models: Unknown