Do you take commissions? No, sorry. I like when people suggest me a model for make a giantess collage, but I don’t take commissions at this moment

Who’s the girl on the home’s pic? Natalie Portman. This pic appears on my DeviantID too.

What’s your favourite giantess It’s difficult to answer this. I have a section with links of my favourite giantess girls and I love all of them so much. If I have to choose one… Violetta Storms but don’t make me choose between them!

You mentioned tall women. What’s your favourite tall woman? Definitely, my favourite tall woman is Yekaterina Gamova, a Russian volleyball player who is 6’8” tall.

Lots of your old works feature celebrities, but new ones feature only busty models. Are you planning to do more collages with celebrities? Sure, but I need to find pictures who inspire me, like in others collages. My first celebrity collage uploaded to DeviantArt was this one featuring Natalie Portman

Do you only make collages and drawings? What about stories, videos, poser…? Yes. I think the quality of my drawings isn’t very great, but I love to draw. I did a (awful) brief story in spanish in the past too

Do you roleplay? No