About me

Hello. My name is SerGTS and I make giantess collages since 2007. I don’t remember when I saw a giantess scene, comic or ad for the first time but probably was the 1993 film “Attack of the 50 ft woman“, the remake of the 1958 classic. Surely it was before I get my first computer back in 2002. One of my first regards was the Infiore ad with Anna Falchi too

Years after I get my first computer I started to search giantess related themes and even about tall women. Why? Dunno, I probably saw another giantess scene or ad (I remember one about a local supermarket here in Spain which I never found again on internet) and I discovered a vast community. Many of those webs are now defunct, but luckily there still are some forums and webs dedicated to giantess.

In 2007 I started to make some collages. My first collage was one featuring the sexy french singer Alizeé (it was very awful) and I registered an account on the GiantessCity forum . Also I make a now defuncted free web where I uploaded my collages before I started to upload them to DeviantArt

In 2012 I took a break and delete my DeviantArt profile. In 2013 I back to make collages again but I can’t use my DeviantArt account anymore so I registered another but with a hyphen. Also I make profiles in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

During my first stage I used a logo based in the famous poster of “Attack of the 50 ft women (the 1958 one). After my break I designed a new logo based on my third work of my second stage featuring the romanian nude model Joanna Bliss

In 2016, I started to do drawings. Actually, I did some in the past. But this time I started to upload them to DeviantArt
My favourites

Giantess: Violetta Storms. More favourites: here

Tall woman: Yekaterina Gamova (6’8”)

GTS related movie: Attack of the 50 ft cheerleader

GTS related advertisement: Bodibra

GTS related videoclip: Miserable by Lit

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